Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easy Pancakes

I happily found that my favorite pancake mix is vegan.  Worked a little magic on the ingredients to add, and voila!

1/2 cup vegan pancake mix
1/3 cup vegan milk (soy, almond...)
2 tbsp applesauce
1/2 tbsp veggie oil

Heat skillet on medium high.  Mix ingredients.  Test skillet by tossing in a few drops of water.  If they bubble right away, it's ready.  Take off of heat for a second and spray with Pam.  Fry off your pancakes, flipping over when the edges look dry, and there are air bubbles on the surface.  Top with light vegan margarine and maple syrup.

Where does a girl get Aunt Jemima and Pam in France?  I found the mix in the international section of my local grocery store.  I ordered the Pam from an online American store in Toulouse (MyAmericanMarket.com), but it was almost 8 euros a can.  Ouch!

Mommy tip, make two batches, yours, and one following the directions on the box for your non-vegan family.

I will be making these again, adding things like blueberries, or chocolate chips!  So good!

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