Monday, July 2, 2012

A Week in an Hour

So, in this wild stab at not eating entire jars of peanut butter at a time because I DO NOT feel like chopping another veggie...ever... no, really... ever.... I tried something new today. It took an hour, and it was pretty cool. Now vegan lunches and dinners for the next week are in my freezer, my kitchen is cleaned up, and the knives and cutting boards are away... for a week! And I will not be a total food loser like last week.


I made a spreadsheet in excel with a list of meal ideas for the next week across the top. On the right, I made a list of every ingredient I needed to make those meals, one per line, then carried it across. At the bottom, I listed the extra items I'll need the day of. I shopped for only what I needed. (Right column. Saving money.) I labelled 10 large plastic bags with the name of the meal on them, and lined them up on the counter. Turned on some tunes and started chopping and dropping each ingredient, one by one into the bags that needed them. Less that an hour later, I had a freezer full of joy.


  1. Pretty sneaky doing all the prep work ahead. Good thinking.

    I make up a weekly menu and on Friday afternoons, because I'm off work at noon, I go and do all of my grocery shopping for the upcoming week. Then during the week I just have to go for fresh bananas.

    1. Great thinking! I do this for my family (non-vegans) and it works well. I really have to work on getting organized. :)